Who are we?

The Group of Advanced Studies on Violence (GEAV) is a research group funded by the professors Antonio Andrés Pueyo and Santiago Redondo Illescas in 2003. They both combine their dedication for research with teaching and university education. GEAV is also made up by associated researchers, PhD students and other collaborators.

GEAV has been recognized as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2009-SRG-20).

What do we do?

The GEAV develops its activity from the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology in the University of Barcelona. Its main purpose is the scientific analysis of violent behavior, in its various forms and social manifestations, and it also collaborates with other research groups, national and international, stakeholders in the scientific study of violence. At the same time it holds a very close relations with institutions and public organisms related to this issue. Until today the GEAV has developed research projects funded by public, governmental and European institutions.

In addition to the research task, the GEAV carries out activities in institutional consulting, in continuing education and in technical advice on issues related to the study of violence and its professional management. Specifically, the main professional fields in which the group frames its activities involve the forensic assessment of violence risk, its prediction in penitentiary and clinical contexts, and the design of research programs and the psychological treatment of offenders, both adults and minors.