Current Job

Deputy Director of Rehabilitation Programs at the Prisons Services of Catalonia

Professional experience

  • From 2011 I have been working as a Head of Strategic Planning for the Prisons Services Directorate of Catalonia
  • 13 years as a director of an open prison
  • Previously 7 years as a Head of Treatment Programmes for all prisons in Catalonia and 2 years as a prison’s psychologist
  • Between 1995 and 1997 I worked as a visiting professor in the Educational Sciences Faculty of the University of Barcelona.
  • Between 1996 and 2003 I collaborated with the Educational Sciences Institute of the University of Barcelona as a counsellor for several educative centres in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. I have taught and advised to educational teams in the subjects of prosocial behaviour development and conflict management.

Degrees and certifications

  • Graduated in psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1984
  • Advanced studies diploma (doctorate programme of the University of Barcelona)

Special areas of expertise

I am specialized on:

  • Criminal behaviour treatment programmes assessment and implementation, management of penal execution services, assessment and treatment of sexual offenders, and development of community justice programmes.
  • I have participated on the development of a risk assessment and management tool for all prisons of Catalonia (Riscanvi).

International programmes

  • Since 2013 to 2015 I coordinated the implementation in Catalonia of the Daphne Project supported by the European Commission: Circles 4 EU. A prevention programme of recidivism of sexual offenders in the community settings.

Recent Publications