Thuy Nguyen is a Forensic Psychologist and Criminologist and is part of the team of researchers of the Group of Advanced Studies (GEAV) in Violence of the University of Barcelona. Her research activity focuses on the area of prediction of violent behavior, with special interest in assessing the risk of sexual violence. She has cooperated as a trainer for prison staff of the Department of Justice of the Government of Catalonia in the application of the Guide for Sexual Violence Risk Assessment (SVR-20). Additionally, she has collaborated in the translation and adaptation of the “Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol” (RSVP) to Spanish, as well as in the validation of other protocols for assessing the risk of violence, such as RisCanvi or RVD-BCN. Currently, she is also a therapist in the educational programs in the field of Alternative Penal Measures, as well as a coordinator of one of the Circles of Support and Accountability.

Recent Publications